Youth Residential Treatment Programs

The Turning Point gender-specific youth residential treatment programs offer tailored programs and services for behavioral, mental health, and substance abuse issues to meet the needs of each youth in our care.

Youth in our residential treatment programs are typically struggling with:

  • Behavioral, mental health, and/or substance abuse issues
  • Extreme family conflict
  • Legal issues
  • Behavioral difficulties
  • School and education system requirements
  • A combination of any of the above
photo of a girl in a youth residential treatment facility talking to a counselor

We offer both short- and long-term youth residential treatment programs for substance abuse, behavioral, and/or mental health treatment depending on the needs of each youth. A typical stay in our long-term treatment program is four to five months, while a stay in our short-term program may be 30-60 days. Length of treatment depends on many factors, including the youth’s readiness and willingness to make changes, the severity of impairment, and the family’s support and involvement.

No matter what the reason is for placement, treatment is designed for each youth individually and geared toward gender-specific approaches and issues. For example, research shows that girls are relationship focused. They respond best to a program that is geared toward building relationships and teaches them how their relationships impact their behavior choices.

Core components of our youth residential treatment programs include:

  • Behavioral health
  • Mental health and substance abuse treatment
  • Education (including school credit recovery)
  • Community service projects
  • Transition services/life skills development
  • After care

Residential Treatment Homes

We operate a 20-bed boys’ residential home and a separate 14-bed girls’ residential home for youth ages 12-21. We provide round-the-clock care in comfortable environments. Both homes are centrally located in Fort Collins, Colorado. Public transportation, bike paths, businesses, Colorado State University, and Front Range Community College are conveniently accessible. Our homes provide a comfortable atmosphere with ample living spaces and numerous areas for therapy, groups, family visitation, and recreational and leisure activities.

Program Goals and Flexibility

Our residential treatment programs for youth strive to provide the youth in our care with a safe environment that includes goals for each youth to help to stabilize his or her behavior, identify underlying issues, and maintain family involvement. Keeping these goals flexible allows us to offer a variety of solutions that will best serve the needs of the youth and the family, and lead to a successful transition back to the community.

We take into consideration the varying needs of families and any referring agencies involved. We welcome their collaboration with our team in the form of feedback and insight when we are initially setting the goals of a youth’s residential treatment.

Therapy Opportunities

The opportunities for therapy in our youth residential treatment programs include:

  • Individual Therapy: Each youth will meet with his or her primary counselor and primary therapist for at least one hour per week.
  • Family Therapy: Each youth will be offered weekly family therapy with his or her primary therapist.
  • Group Therapy: Each youth will participate in a minimum of three 60-minute group therapy sessions per week.
  • Milieu Therapy: This therapy is described as the “life space” in which a youth experiences therapy through daily living experiences. It is the cornerstone of Turning Point’s treatment programs and is crucial to addressing each youth’s behaviors.

The program’s milieu therapy system design allows residents to receive constant feedback from staff and other residents on how their behavior affects others, including those they live with, their family, and the community. Daily treatment assignments address poor behaviors and belief systems that can set the youth up for failure. They teach better behaviors and choices to replace the bad ones.

We are Here for You

If you believe your child would benefit from one of our residential treatment programs, please contact us.

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