Turning Point Youth Programs & Services

Help for when you don’t know where to turn

Turning Point offers the broadest range of treatment options for youth behavior, substance abuse and mental health issues. Our counselors and therapists use a trauma-informed framework throughout the assessment and treatment process, which ranges from individual and family therapy to 24-hour care in one of our youth residential treatment homes.

We offer state-approved education programs for youth who are having trouble in traditional schools, substance abuse and mental health treatment programs, drug testing, and treatment for behavior issues as part of our services.

Our programs are backed by research to help make sure that youth who need our services receive the highest quality care available. (See Evidence-Based Practices if you would like to learn more.) Our well-qualified staff members work with each youth and family to develop a unique treatment plan that may include participating in multiple programs in order to benefit everyone involved.

The programs at Turning Point are licensed by the Colorado Department of Human Services, the Colorado Division of Behavioral Health, and the Colorado Department of Education. (See specific licensing information.) Our residential treatment programs are accredited by CARF.

photo of a family in a family therapy session
If you believe your child or your family would benefit from speaking with a therapist or counselor for any reason or would like to learn more about our substance abuse and mental health treatment programs, please contact us.

Turning Point Continuum of Care

Least Restrictive to Most Restrictive Mental Health and Substance Abuse Programs and Services

Testing Center

DUI Classes

Family Visitor

Coaching / Mentoring

Crisis Intervention

Individual & Family Therapy

Community-Based Services for YOS

Transitional Services

Family Care Coordination

YOS Residential Program

Boys/Girls Residential Program