Welcome New Outpatient Coordinator Farai Makombe!

Turning Point is proud to welcome Farai Makombe as our new Outpatient Coordinator.

Farai first joined the Turning Point team in 2000 as a part-time counselor. She quickly moved into a full-time counselor position. Her next role within the agency was doing tracking with DYS clients who were on parole. This involved supervising juveniles who are on parole and helping them transition back into the community. She did this for at least a decade until Turning Point started offering behavior coaching services. In 2016, Farai was asked to supervise the coaching program and supervise the tracking program as the Transitional Services and Coaching Program Coordinator. Turning Point’s Behavior Coaching program started to grow under Farai’s leadership and became a full-time job by 2018.

In October 2021, when the prior Outpatient Coordinator left the position vacant, Farai was perfect for the job. She was not only already familiar with half the outpatient services, but those programs had flourished under her leadership. In addition, her reputation in the community and with referral agencies is as valuable as her knowledge and understanding of the populations we serve. So, in mid-October, Farai became Turning Point’s new Outpatient coordinator. She is now in charge of supervising all of the outpatient services for Weld and Larimer County.

Farai has always loved working with children. She was a high school teacher before Turning Point. Farai moved to the United States from Zimbabwe in 1995 with her two sons (now aged 31 and 24). She had no support in the area, and she wanted to work somewhere more than just a job; someplace she could feel welcome and at home. She did a lot of research into Turning Point’s mission and knew that once she started working here, she had made the right choice. Turning Point helped her in raising her children as a single mother. “The mission statement extended to employees as well as our clients, and the life challenges we all face sometimes. It has been like having a second family,” shared Farai.

We are all excited to see Outpatient Services thrive under Farai’s leadership. Turning Point, like family, is great about getting the right people into the right positions to shine. “Turning Point has brought so much joy into my life,” shares Farai. We know, in turn, she has brought joy to the lives of so many over the past 22 years.

Farai Makombe, Turning Point Outpatient Coordinator