Turning Point serves 2,000+ individuals, youth & families each year.

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During COVID-19 we are here to support you through this crisis.

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Donate or Volunteer

Volunteer or DonateThank you for your desire to support Turning Point. Whether as a volunteer, an event participant, community partner, sponsor or donor, you will help to turn lives around.

With your support, we can help more children like Savannah, who came to us two years behind grade level at school and abusing alcohol and other drugs, and Gabe, who hopped from family to family and school to school, and wound up involved with gangs. These kids found themselves at Turning Point (perhaps a bit unwillingly) and with the help of our staff, developed the necessary skill sets and coping methods to turn their lives around.

We want to help younger children like Michael to find positive ways to express themselves, to improve their ability to communicate, and to strengthen their relationships with parents, teachers and other role models. We want to help these younger kids feel confident and empowered, and we want them on the right track before it’s too late.

Last year we served 600 youth and their families, the most since the agency was founded in 1967.

More and more Colorado children need our help each year, and we need your help to help them.


Learn more about the needs of youth in our area and how your donation can help us reach our goal. Click here to visit our online donation page. If you’re interested in volunteering, we invite you to learn more about our volunteer and intern program.