Therapy and Counseling Services

Our experienced, caring staff of counselors and therapists  specialize in helping youth and families work through substance use issues, mental health issues, behavior concerns, family conflict, and many other issues that affect at-risk youth and their relationships with family members and others.

They know how to identify the symptoms of depression and anxiety, PTSD, addiction, and challenges with emotional regulation. They are trained to provide trauma-informed care, understanding the role that past experiences may be playing in your current situation and building a treatment plan accordingly using one or more approaches to promote mental wellness

Depending on your situation, your counselor or therapist may recommend family therapy, individual therapy, and support groups, currently available via video conference, including those for sobriety maintenance, improving your self-talk to improve your quality of life, dealing with anxiety, and coaching for adolescence.

If you or someone you know might benefit from our therapy or counseling services, please contact us.

photo of a teenage boy in a therapy session with a female counselor
photo of a teenage boy and his male mentor

Coaching / Mentoring

This program provides mentoring for youth from elementary through high school who are in need of guidance and positive role models. Our mentors participate with youth in recreational and leisure activities, help them with life and social skills development, provide transportation and connections to community activities, help with homework, and offer guidance with school and job applications and interviews. Contact us for more information on our mentoring program.