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Outpatient Therapy and Counseling

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Outpatient Therapy and Counseling for Youth, Adults, and Families

Our outpatient therapy and counseling for teens include the following approaches:

Individual and Family Counseling and Therapies

Turning Point offers supportive individual and family therapy and counseling, including in-home family therapy and support. Our experienced therapists specialize in working with youth and family issues including substance abuse, mental health issues, behavior concerns, and family conflict.


This program provides goal-directed mentoring for elementary, middle, and high school students in need of guidance and positive role models. Services may include pro-social recreational and leisure activities, life skills development, social skills development, transportation, connections to community activities, help with homework and tutoring, and assistance with education and employment applications and interviews.

Students placed in Turning Point’s Residential Program receive the following services

Services begin upon placement and continue for up to six months after discharge:

  • Extensive treatment and transition program to help students change behaviors that initially placed them at risk.
  • Wraparound case management that helps support and track students for six months after discharge from Turning Point’s Residential  Treatment Program.
  • Support for families as they adjust to the student being back in the home.
  • Support for students in their return to public school and the community.
  • Career exploration and work experience through internships and job shadowing.
  • Preparation for post-secondary education or a return to the public school system.
  • Assistance with finding a career path that will motivate students to not only earn a diploma or GED but also continue with post-secondary education goals.

To learn more about outpatient therapy and counseling for teens, please contact us at 970.567.6461

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