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Gender-Specific Residential Treatment for Youth

For Referral Agencies

gender-specific residential treatment facility for both males and females at Turning PointTurning Point offers a separate residential treatment facility for male and female youth ages 12-21. Each facility offers programs and services tailored to meet the needs of each youth in our care. Youth in each residential treatment facility may be struggling with behavioral, mental health, and substance abuse issues; family and legal issues; behavioral difficulties; or educational concerns, or in many cases a combination of these.

We offer both short-term and long-term tracks depending on the needs of each youth. A typical stay in our long-term residential treatment program is four to five months, while a typical stay in our short-term program may be 30-60 days. Length of treatment is based on many factors, including readiness to change, severity of impairment, family involvement, and client motivation.

No matter what the reason for placement, treatment is individualized and geared toward gender-specific approaches and issues. For example, research shows that girls are relationship focused and respond best to a program that is geared towards building relationships and teaching an understanding of how their relationships impact their behavior choices.

All staff members at each residential treatment facility are trained on working with STAFF SECURE populations, CPI de-escalation, and intervention techniques. This allows us to serve youth with the highest risk and highest levels of need in our care.

Core components of programs at our residential treatment facilities include:

  • Behavioral health
  • Mental health and substance abuse treatment
  • Education (including school credit recovery)
  • Community service projects
  • Transition services/life skills development
  • After care

Residential Homes

We operate a 20-bed boys’ residential treatment facility and a separate 14-bed facility for girls that provide round-the-clock care in home-like environments. Both are homes that are centrally located in Fort Collins, Colorado, with convenient access to public transportation, bike paths, businesses, Colorado State University, and Front Range Community College. Our homes provide a comfortable residential atmosphere with ample living spaces along with numerous areas for therapy, groups, family visitation, and recreational and leisure activities.

Evidence-Based Practices in our residential programs include:

  • Pathways to Self-Discovery and Change
  • Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT)
  • Gender-Specific Programming
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
  • Positive Behavior Support (PBS)
  • Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR)
  • Motivational Interviewing

Program Goals and Flexibility

Our residential programs strive to provide clients with a safe environment that includes goals for each client that allow for stabilization, identification of underlying issues, and family involvement. Their flexibility allows us to offer a variety of solutions that will best serve the needs of the client, the family, and the referring agency, and lead to a successful transition back to the community.

We take into consideration the varying needs of families and referring agencies and welcome collaboration with our team by providing feedback and insight when initially setting the goals of the client’s residential treatment.

Therapy Modalities

Therapy modalities in the programs in each residential treatment facility includes:

Individual Therapy: Each client will meet with his or her primary counselor and primary therapist for at least one hour per week. The therapeutic goal is to provide more insight and depth into a youth’s problems and strengths as it applies to his or her treatment plan and living experience.

Family Therapy: Each client will be offered weekly family therapy with his or her primary therapist. Family is defined as any persons who have a significant role in the client’s life, including parents, grandparents, siblings, and significant caretakers.

Group Therapy: Each client will participate in a minimum of three 60-minute group therapy sessions per week. These are structured “process groups” that allow youth to seek more insight and solutions for their behavioral issues through feedback, confrontation, disclosure, and sharing experiences with their peer group. We format these groups to help youth model appropriate behavior, empathize with others, practice social skills, and learn to give and receive honest feedback and emotional support.

Milieu Therapy: This therapy is described as the “life space” in which a youth experiences therapy through daily living experiences. It is a behavior management system based upon teaching youth responsibility, honesty, integrity, cooperation, and self-control through a consistent daily routine, confrontation, and discipline. It is the cornerstone of Turning Point’s treatment programs and is crucial in addressing each youth’s behaviors.

The program’s milieu therapy system is designed to allow clients to receive constant feedback from staff and peers on how their behavior affects others, including those they live with, their family, and the community. Daily treatment assignments are designed to address maladaptive behaviors and belief systems that can set the youth up for failure. They teach alternative behaviors and choices to replace the dysfunctional ones.

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