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During COVID-19 we are here to support you through this crisis.

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During COVID-19 We Can Help

We are navigating through this uncertainty together and our thoughts are with you. We recognize that everyone has been impacted by COVID-19 and if we can be of any assistance to you or loved ones during this time, please connect with us. If you or someone you know is in need of mental health support, suffering from anxiety, substance abuse or struggling with current COVID-19 issues we are here to help. Please contact us at 970-414-0588 or email referrals@turningpnt.org

Coping Through & Beyond COVID-19

We are working exceptionally hard to address urgent community needs and ramping up efforts to reach our most vulnerable youth and families directly impacted by COVID-19. We are offering two new online therapy groups for adults and adolescents.  Individuals affected by COVID-19 may be eligible for free services.
During this unprecedented time of COVID-19, our sole focus is on doing everything to keep providing critical services to our youth and families. We have some grant funding for free services for families struggling to meet their basic needs.  These funds will help support families in crisis meet basic needs such as accessing food, housing, and staying connected to mental health services.

We are continuing to provide critical services at this time:

  • Emergency behavioral health services are deemed a “critical business” per the Governor’s Public Health Order. Our Inpatient Residential Treatment Facilities remain open and staff are taking precautions with screening, sanitizing, and social distancing.
  • Our Community-Centered Outpatient Services (CCS), including individual, group, and family therapy, case management, and behavior coaching have shifted to telehealth modalities, and are taking all safety precautions when visitations are needed to serve those in need.
  • Our Therapists are facilitating two new COVID-19 related support groups for adults and youth in order to address COVID-19 related anxiety issues, mental health and relapse prevention.
  • We are working hard to secure grants and raise funds to offer free services to clients being directly impacted by COVID-19 and serve families struggling with basic needs.

We are here for you.

If you or someone you know is in need of support, please contact us.