DUI Classes / Court-Ordered Services

Turning Point offers state-certified DWAI and DUI classes for alcohol education and therapy that use the highly effective Colorado Impaired Driver Education Program (IDEP) curriculum. IDEP is accepted statewide by probation and the courts for all DWAI and DUI offenses. This program is complemented by our UA/BA drug testing program where we can provide sobriety monitoring through urine analysis and breathalyzer tests.

The curriculum is supplemented by evidence-based practices to meet the needs of each client, which satisfies the requirements for Level II education and therapy. Courses are licensed by the Colorado Office of Behavioral Health.

Turning Point’s DWAI and DUI classes are taught by substance abuse specialists that are approved by the Office of Behavioral Health.

Classes and therapy are in a comfortable, safe, and confidential environment, within walking distance to the CSU campus.

DUI Class group
Introductory sessions are one-on-one with the program coordinator. Call 970.567.0961 to schedule a session.

DUI Classes

Level II Education

24 hours (12 weeks)

$20/group plus $30 intake fee. (Intake fee counts as your first class.)

Additional classes/times often made available depending on class size

Level II Therapy

Total hours vary depending on Track:

  • Track A – 42 hours (21 weeks)
  • Track B – 52 hours (26 weeks)
  • Track C – 68 hours (34 weeks)
  • Track D – 86 hours (43 weeks)


Additional classes/times often made available depending on class size.

Drug Testing Services

We offer a convenient and affordable full-service drug testing center. Breathalyzer testing is available at time of DWAI and DUI classes and discounts are available to DUI/DWAI clients.

For more information on our DUI classes, contact us

photo of a breathalyzer, representing the drug testing services available at Turning Point