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Adolescent Day Treatment

Day Treatment Programs for Teens | Turning Point Center for Youth and Families, Fort Collins

For Parents & Families

Turning Point’s Day Treatment Program is designed to provide behavior and substance abuse treatment and support for youth ages 10 to 21. It is for those whose behavior or circumstances need intensive intervention from counseling services, but who don’t require the 24-hour care of a residential program. The treatment objectives for the program depend on the needs of each youth, but they may include the following:

  • Keep youth secure and protected from harm.
  • Move youth into stable, nurturing, and permanent living environments, and, when appropriate, retain connections with the family and community.
  • Protect youth from abuse, neglect, or maltreatment.
  • Re-establish family stability, if appropriate.
  • Help youth to successfully emancipate from their families, if appropriate.
  • Minimize the length and number of placements to help establish a healthy, permanent living environment for each youth.
  • Work with youth to create a solid transition back to the public school system, if applicable.

The program is located in Greeley, Colorado and is licensed by the Colorado Department of Human Services to serve male and female youth ages 10-21.

Day Treatment provides the following year-round services:

  • 30 hours of education per week
  • Weekly
    • Individual therapy
    • In-home therapy
    • Drug and alcohol group for substance abuse treatment
    • Skills group to help change patterns of behavior that cause self-harm
    • Community Narcotics Anonymous meetings
  • Daily recreation activities
  • Vocational education

If you believe your child would benefit from our day treatment program, please contact us.


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