Academic Programs

Turning Point’s academic programs for residential clients are developed to accommodate students with a variety of learning styles at a wide range of educational levels. They are fully approved by the Colorado Department of Education.

Each youth in Turning Point’s residential educational program has the option of earning his or her GED, graduating from our Waverly School, transferring credits back to his or her home school, or enrolling in courses for college credit. We also offer assistance to students through vocational education options. If one of our youth is behind in school, it is our goal to ensure that he or she advances to the appropriate grade level while in our care.

We are especially proud of our 10-to-1 student/teacher ratio. Our staff members include licensed special education teachers, educational counselors, and numerous volunteers from the community and local universities. We also receive federal funds that provide for a Title I (literacy) teacher.

If a student’s goal is to re-enter the public school system after completing his or her program at Turning Point, our education staff members strive to make sure that student will have a successful transition.

photo of a woman helping a boy with his homework

We are here for you.

If you would like to learn more about our education programs, please contact us.

photo of a woman helping a boy with his homework